A long, long time ago... in a trailer park far away... a cocktail waitress named Gladys Vegas did alot of sleeping around.

A hopeless romantic, Gladys was irresistably drawn to men in the entertainment industry. Even jugglers

The end result of her passionate endeavors was five sons from six different fathers, each born marginally talented.

As youngsters, the boys would put on shows for Gladys, helping her to forget that she lived in a trailer in the barren desert, and Wayne Newton would'nt be stopping by any time soon.

As they grew, each of the brothers eventually left home, taking his talent with him. (all but the slow one, he couldnt find his shoes)

It was Gladys's dream that someday one of her boys would become successful enough to move her into one of those fancy retirement homes, the kind with Bingo on Mondays and all the jello she could eat.

After years of honing their talents in sleazy gin joints, smoky casinos and small town bowling alleys,...success eluded them on an individual basis. The boys, now more or less men, have finally come together to pool their talents once again and put on their show of shows.

If you lean back and close your eyes, you can almost believe you're in a trailer out in the desert.

This ones for you Mom.