Shecky - With a sense of humor forged in nightclubs and gin joints all across the country, Shecky brings some twisted standup comedy to the stage.
The consumate host, Shecky relates to the audience like an old friend.
As long as he gets paid.
Bobby - The Brother of 1000 Voices.  A gifted mimic since birth, Bobby's first words were a remarkable imitation of the family cat.  He's since moved on to television personalities, public figures, and locomotives. 
Blending his impressions with his keen sense of humor, Bobby has astounded and amused audiences from coast to coast.

Lance - the hansome  and, by his own admission, the most talented of all The Vegas Brothers, Lance is the musical one.  With his golden throat (plated) and silver tongue (tarnished),  this entertainment powerhouse reworks pop
standards into comedy classics that will have you singing along.
Nicky - Nicky Vegas has been traveling across the country for over 20 years. 
Sometimes he's performing.  Other times he's avoiding his ex- wives.  Add
some martini drinking and you know about everything you need to know about
Nicky.  He's a comedian, juggler, and he occasionally likes to set fires.  Don't
worry though, he'll put them out with his mouth.


Sonny - He probably should have worn a helmet when he played football, but
it's too late now.  Regardless, we love our  little brother Sonny and are continually surprised and amazed by his onstage antics.  From comedy to magic, and all points in between, Sonny is definitely marching to his own drummer.